In this lecture will we describe about Android Material design how can create project.And also describe what is Material. why we can use it.After reading this lecture you will understand Material design . And i hope you will create interface of your application using Material design.


If you not understand this lectureAndroid Material Design How can create project.You should also read my previous lectures Android how can add data into SQLite And Toggle button in android studio.This is a complete series for beginners. After reading these lecture you will also able Understand Material design .


Goggle introduce a Material design in last year 2014.In this lecture we will learn about material design for developer prospective.Knowing principal of material design is important for all of us like developer and designers.

Material design consists of

  • Tactical surface
  • Interactive design
  • Bold graphics

New components are available in API 5.0 and above

What is Android Material design

Material design is developed by google. It is design which consists of grid-base layout and animations responsive picture and transitions padding and depth effects such as lighting and shadows.Android lollipop implemented this service and use many other services like as Google Doc Google Drive.In future all the working is done in material design.In material design pixels not just as 2D spots of color, but as 3D cubes with depth and weight.

Implementation Section

  • First of all we will describe how can create a project in material design in android studio.
  • Second we will describe Status Bar
  • These guide explain how can create project in android  studio

Click on <-start menu>and select <-All program option-> and find out folder <- android studio –> then click on <android studio>

After this step a new window  will open that will show in below pic

Application name

The name that will appear in the app launcher and that will appear in the Settings.

package name

Namespace of the package corresponding to this project. It must be a fully qualified package namespace. Each application in the system must have a unique package name. you can edit the package independently.

project location

Location in which file of a project is save.

Company Domain

This will represent the package name in our project.if you can publish the app in play store then you can use exact  company Domain name .if you can use  as a learning purpose then you can assign any name.


After appears a new window . In this window you specify the project categories. you can create application for Phone or  tablet, TV and wear devices. Our first application for phone and tablet so that s why I select phone and tablet option.And click next

Minimum Required SDK:

A software development kit that enables developers to create application in android.The minimum API Level required to properly run your application.The minSdkVersion level is NOT the Android version number. Some Android platforms that we will use and the corresponding SDK number.New components are available in API 5.0 and above.

If you have newcomer in project creation using android you may confused term activity .Activity is a basic building block in android. In android applications numbers of activities are given.

Activity contain two files first is java class file and second is XML file. All the coding parts and logic used in java class file and  XML file used for designs .So we select Add No Activity and click next.


Alt Tag material design

After completion this step. I had hoped project would be created.when your project is created. Your first step is check it material design is support the old devices .We check for older devices how do you do that that is very simple.So you open a build.Gradle file and add a following compile ‘’ in insides the dependencies.In my case target SDK is 21 So we use targetSdkVersion 21.

After that you will open Style.XML file there two file

  • Style.XML
  •  Style.XML(v21)

And Write the following code Style. XML (V21)

And Write the following code Style. XML 

We need to create a new activity how can create following the below steps.

Click the <-java folder-> and expand this folder and right click on <-package name-> select <-new option-> then  you select <-activity option-> they are many categories then you finally  select <-blank activity-> show in below pic.

Alt Tag material design

After this  step a new window will appears  show in below pic.

Android Material design


In main activity when you use libray ‘’ you can Extand MainaAtivity to ActionBarActivy.If you not done this you action bar is not show in Emulatore.So open a class file and change into MainActivity to ActionBarActivity.

Run the Application

Alt Tag android material design output

First part i will describe how can create android material design project.

  • Second part how can change the color of Status bar


In this part we learn about how can set the different color of status bar So how can change the color So this is a work that will done this section.please read this lecture carefully all the detail is provides step by step.For more detail about How can change the color please click on  Change the color of status bar.

Step 1<-ADD color.XML->Right click on<-Value folder->select<-New->Then click on<-Value Resource file->that are show in a below pic.

Android Material design colore


There many color that are used for Status Bar .You can choice color from this link More Color for Status Bar.

After that you will open color.XML file and write the following code

After that you will open Style.XML file

And Write the following code Style. XML (V21)

Run the Application

Alt Tag android material design


In this lecture we learn about Android Material design how can create a project and also describe how can change the color of status bar. I hope you will understand this lecture.Thank you for reading this lecture Hope you got the idea.